1. C – Due to a dispute over the legitimacy of the government of Federico Tinoco Granados, Costa Rica was not a party to the Treaty of Versailles of World War I and did not unilaterally end the state of war. The technical state of war never ended. Costa Rica did not issue a declaration of war against Germany in World War II.
2. C – 150
3. D
4. D
5. C
6. A – Zoos. Germany has more than 400 officially recognized zoos, which is the most in the world. If you included wildlife parks, aquariums and other natural reserves or parks, you can visit almost 700 registered zoos and gardens.
7. B – hash brown.
8. C – Bayern Munich
9. A – exploding toads. A small body of water in the Altona district of the city suddenly saw the luckless amphibians puffing up and then detonating, sending their guts flying several feet in every direction. “The Pond of Death” attracted a string of bizarre theories, from designer viruses spread by racehorses to suicide. Scientists finally pinpointed the cause of this disgusting phenomenon a month later when they discovered the toads were being targeted by the local crows. Among the most intelligent of all animals, the crows quickly learned that the toads carried a toxin in their skin. Instead of attempting to eat the nasty bits, the crows used their beaks to poke inside the toads and gobble out their livers. The toads puffed themselves up as a defense mechanism, but the damage was already done. With the wound and the missing organ, the toads simply kept inflating themselves to death.
10. B
11. C – Hamburg
12. D – 7,254
13. B. (Although, do note that “Schittgablerstrasse” is an actual German place).
14. C
15. A – 1662
16. A – tracht
17. A