German-Themed Quiz

1. Which country is still technically at war with Germany?
a. France
b. Mozambique
c. Costa Rica
d. New Zealand

2. Approximately how many castles are there in Germany?
a. 80
b. 120
c. 150
d. 210

3. The word “Dreikäsehoch” for a little boy, usually used in an affectionately mocking tone, implies that the child is no taller than … what?
a. A dog measured from paws to nose
b. The upper edge of the bottom drawer of the wardrobe
c. The underside of the kitchen tabletop
d. Three loafs of cheese stacked atop each other

4. The Germany highways, commonly called Autobahns, have what speed limit?
a. 100km/h
b. 140km/h
c. 160km/h
d. There is no speed limit.

5. Beginning in 1248, the Cologne Cathedral took how many years to complete construction?
a. 182
b. 342
c. 632
d. 702

6. Germany has more what than any other country in the world?
a. Zoos
b. Cathedrals
c. Public Holidays
d. Millionaires

7. A Kartoffelpuffer is a what?
a. Blood sausage
b. Hash brown
c. Baby gingerbread
d. Stuffed pastry

8. The German club that has won the most championships is:
a. Borussia Dortmund
b. Werder Bremen
c. Bayern Munich
d. VfB Stuttgart

9. In April of 2005, Hamburg, Germany suffered a gruesome epidemic of what?
a. Exploding toads
b. Rotting roses
c. Poisoned rats
d. Mad cow disease

10. When answering the phone, Germans do not say Hi or Hello or Hallo, they first say what?
a. The name of their street
b. Their surname
c. The last four digits of their phone number
d. “Freundschaftsbezeigungen”

11. The following flag is the flag of which city?
a. Frankfurt
b. Dortmund
c. Hamburg
d. Leipzig

12. The German word “Siebentausendzweihundertvierundfünfzig” is the word for which number?
a. 7,489
b. 7,832
c. 7,562
d. 7,254

13. Which of the following are the names of actual German villages?
a. Suckzig and Zermacocken
b. Rimsting and Bad Kissingen
c. Blurgenfart and Grobhausen
d. Blorfgen and Schittgablerstrasse

14. The purity law for all beer that is manufactured in Germany states that the only ingredients allowed to be used are:
a. Water, rye and isinglass
b. Water, aged yeast and cereals
c. Water, hops and barley malt
d. Seawater, bubbles and pepper

15. As of 2012, Germany has won how many Olympic medals?
a. 1662
b. 2192
c. 3244
d. 1428

16. This woman is wearing a traditional German costume known as what?

a. tracht
b. dirndl
c. lederhosen
d. blackendressen

17. To whom of the following persons would the term “Skandalnudel” apply best?
a. A celebrity
b. A cook
c. A young child
d. A school bully