Board Game Trivia Quiz

1. How many dragons and how many winds are there in a Mah Jongg tile set?
A. Three dragons; four winds
B. Four dragons; three winds
C. Three dragons; three winds
D. Four dragons; four winds

2. Prior to 1490, how could the queen move in Chess?
A. The same as the queen can move today, but also as a knight can move today
B. Forward, backward, or sideways (but not diagonally), only to an adjacent square
C. Diagonally, only to an adjacent square
D. In a straight line, only up to two squares away

3. Which cards are wild in the variant of Poker known as Baseball?
A. Fours and nines
B. Threes and nines
C. Twos and threes
D. Twos and fours

4. What was the original copyright date on Monopoly?
A. 1936
B. 1913
C. 1952
D. 1925

5. What’s the largest ship in Battleship?
A. Destroyer
B. Cruiser
C. Battleship
D. Carrier

6. About how long has Cribbage been around?
A. Since the 18th century
B. Since the 17th century
C. Since the 1920s
D. Since the 19th century

7. What card game goes by a number of names, including, “Crates,” “Switch,” “Swedish Rummy,” “Last One,” “Rockaway,” and, confusingly, “Black Jack”?
A. Pitch
B. Crazy Eights
C. Chemin de Fer
D. Gin Rummy

8. What Chess piece is considered to be worth approximately five pawns?
A. Rook
B. Knight
C. Queen
D. Bishop

9. In Monopoly, how many spaces are there between the Jail square and the “Go To Jail” square?
A. 10
B. 30
C. 20
D. 25

10. How many spots in total are there on a pair of dice?
A. 48
B. 42
C. 36
D. 28

11. What is the probability of throwing a total of 5 or less on a pair of dice?
A. 17%
B. 23%
C. 28%
D. 35%

12. About how many ways can you sort a deck of cards?
A. 92 trillion
B. 1.209 x 10^19
C. 4.171 x 10^28
D. 8.066 x 10^67

13. In a traditional deck of cards, what’s the only suit in which all three face cards are drawn with both eyes visible?
A. Hearts
B. Spades
C. Clubs
D. Diamonds

14. In the British version of Monopoly what color is Bond Street?
A. Green
B. Dark Blue
C. Orange
D. Purple

15. What game is said to be the oldest known recorded game in man’s history, probably originating from Mesopotamia under the ancient Persian empire?
A. Go
B. Backgammon
C. Chinese Checkers
D. Mah Jongg

16. In which country did the game of chess originate?
A. China
B. Persia
C. Greece
D. India

17. In what year was the game ‘Connect Four’ launched by Milton Bradley?
A. 1968
B. 1974
C. 1981
D. 1985

18. Which game was a central metaphor of Salman Rushdie’s novel “Midnight’s Children”?
A. Snakes and Ladders
B. Chess
C. Go
D. Mah Jongg

19. Who’s the man with the top hat and white mustache featured in Monopoly?
A. Albert Pennybin
B. Murton Moneybin
C. Milburn Pennybags
D. Arthur Moneybags

20. In Battleship, how many hits does it take to sink the submarine?
A. Four
B. Two
C. Three
D. Five

21. In a traditional deck of cards, which face card holds a blade behind his head?
A. The king of hearts
B. The king of diamonds
C. The jack of spades
D. The king of clubs

22. How many complete squares are there on a chess board (including 2×2 squares, 3×3 squares, etc)?
A. 308
B. 102
C. 204
D. 500

23. One Card Poker is known familiarly by which term?
A. Monte
B. Lazy Lucy
C. Hurricane
D. Dynamite

24. Which strategy game is centered around the Wars of the Roses?
A. Risk
B. Axis and Allies
C. Kingmaker
D. Europa

25. What Chess move involves moving both the king and a rook?
A. Switcheroonie
B. Rooking
C. Safeguarding
D. Castling

Tiebreaker questions

What game has 24 spots of four different colors?

How many wooden blocks are in a game of “Jenga”?