Indoor Challenge

An Indoor Challenge is a good way to keep children occupied on a rainy day.  Print it out and let them tick off the challenge items one by one.  Tailor the items to suit your child’s age and the house and surrounds.


Have a swim

Get the cat to the mouse through the maze (provide a printed-out maze for this)

Challenge <family member> to a game of Ludo (or other board game)

Read <some short story in a particular book>

Help out with a household chore

Practice drawing trees and flowers

Solve the “9 dots” puzzle

Answer the handshake questions on the next page

How many light switches are there in this house (including outside)? __________

How long can you stand on one leg for, with your hands touching above your head?  ________ seconds (You may have up to 3 attempts!)

Colour in <some black and white outline picture printed out>

Write your favourite record from the Guiness Book of Records here:

Get a stopwatch, and without telling <family member>  what you are doing, see how many times you can make them say the word “cat” in one minute. Your answer: __________ times

How many empty Tupperware containers can you balance on top of each other? (not including lids) : ___________