House Quiz

A House Quiz is a great way to while away half an hour on a rainy day.  Form people into teams of two, and give them a 15 minute time limit to complete the quiz, where they are allowed to roam around the house to find the answers.

Obviously you’ll need to tailor your own quiz to the particular house you’re in, but the ideas below give you a flavour of what you can do.  The idea is to make the questions slightly mysterious so that participants will not necessarily know which room each of the questions refers to.  How subtle you want to be with this is up to you!

  1. How many round clocks are there in (and around the outside) of the house?
  2. What colour are the swimming goggles?
  3. What is the largest size of adjustable spanner (in mm) hanging on the wall?
  4. In which room is there a camel on the window?
  5. You’re brushing your teeth and look around and see a wind chime.  What is the main colour of the butterfly?
  6. Where is there a stack of exactly 4 red towels?
  7. You just walked up the stairs and saw an abstract painting.  How many different colours does it have?
  8. Is the power point and aerial socket above or below the John Constable painting?
  9. How many people are in the wedding photograph in the top left?
  10. What marked temperature does the main oven go to?
  11. What colour shirt is the young man wearing in the photo by the kitchen entrance?
  12. What’s next to the blue watering can?
  13. Which room is the 1kg weight in?
  14. How many black flowers of the largest size are there on the wallpaper in the dining room?
  15. You’re having a nice relaxing bath… what colour is that dangly thing above you?
  16. You notice some nice new thongs by the door – what 3 colours are they?
  17. What is the picture of on the current month of the calendar?
  18. How many balusters on the stairs?
  19. You’re preening yourself in the mirror and notice some nice Christmas bells.  How many?
  20. What colours are the fly swatters?