7 Wacky Collective Nouns for Animals

Collective Nouns for Animals 1 - A Gaze of RaccoonsCollective Nouns 2 - A Spoonful of Pandas and An Ambush of TigersCollective Nouns for Animals 3 - A Crash of Rhinos and A Business of FerretsCollective Nouns for Animals 4 - A Smack of Jellyfish and A Descent of Woodpeckers

More interesting collective nouns:

  • A deceit of lapwings
  • A pandemonium of parrots
  • A parliament of owls
  • A charm of goldfinches
  • An unkindness of ravens
  • A bloat of hippos
  • A cackle of hyenas
  • A mess of iguanas
  • A barrel of monkeys
  • A drift of pigs
  • A poverty of pipers
  • A building of rooks
  • A chattering of starlings
  • A knot of toads

Source: Wikipedia pages here and here.  Also, a page here.