7 Plausible Ways The Dinosaurs Could Have Become Extinct

Recently there has been a lot of nonsense about some sort of scientific consensus about what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Well the asteroid-skeptics here at Doobythwacker.com are proud to keep the debate alive with some alternative theories…

1. The Earth collided briefly with the moon2. The mammals were a lot more dangerous than scientists suppose3. We've got the chronology of Noah's Great Flood completely wrong4. They cross-bred with lemmings5. Their cult leader Godzilla finally returned from outer space to take them back to their home planet6. A freak genetic accident produced a single, all-powerful  UltraMegaSuperGigantoSaurus7. They didn't die.  They evolved into a lighter, harder form less reliant on light, food and water.  Fossils.